Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard: A Visit in 1956

Unfinished History

SF152 Me-in-Explorer-Scout-Uniform edited.jpg
Photos by Russ Moore (pictured at left in his 1956 Explorer Scout uniform)

All were taken in 1956, though I am unable to pinpoint the exact time of the year. My father was stationed with the US Army at the Presidio of San Francisco at the time. The occasion for my outing to Hunter’s Point was an opportunity for a Boy Scouts/Explorer Scouts of America “camping” weekend onboard the USS Yorktown. While we never left the Bay, we did get underway, and as I recall, moved a short distance to another location where we docked.

SF068 USS-Hancock-1956.jpg

USS Hancock.

SF070 Hunters-Point-1956.jpg

SF071 Hunters-Point.jpg

Periscope building visible in background.

SF066 Destroyer-Hunters-Point.jpg

A destroyer in dock.

SF064 Yorktown-Explorer-Scout-Outing.jpg

Back of the USS Yorktown.

SF067 Carrier-at-Hunters-Point-Taken-from-Yorktown.jpg

SF060 USN-Ship-Hunters-Point-1956.jpg

SF065 Hunters-Point-Ship-Yard.jpg

SF069 Yorktown-Flight-Deck.jpg

Flight deck of the Yorktown.

SF061 Flight-Deck-Yorktown-SF-1956.jpg

On the flight deck of the Yorktown.

SF063 Tug-Boat-SF-Bay.jpg

Tug boat on the bay, apparently off the shore of the SF International Airport.