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FoundSF:General disclaimer

Please note that most of the photos you see on are granted to us for one-time use by third parties in the interest of illustrating the written content on our nonprofit site, and we cannot grant permission for further use.

Nearly all the photos have a source listed, which is who you will need to inquire with to ask for higher resolution images and permission to use the photos. Usually the photo credit under each photo will provide you with an institution you can find easily through an internet search, so please try this first.

A fair number of the photos are used through an agreement with the San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco Historical Photo Collection, Please see their Permission page.

In the case of individual photographers, or sources you are not able to find information on easily, we may be able to provide contact information or contact them for you.

Helpful information to send us when inquiring about photo use:
+ Which photos would you like to use?
Please send links to each image. This will help us determine who holds the permission for each photo. In the case that it isn't a Shaping San Francisco collection photo, we will do our best to provide contact information for the permission holder so you can follow up.
+ When do you need the photos?
Please send us your deadline.
+ For what purpose will you use the photos?
If we hold permission, we only grant non-commercial use. Please let us know if you intend to use the photos for a print or web-based project.

Please contact us at shaping [at] foundsf [dot] org.

If you find material on this site that you "own" and think we are using without permission, you can ask us to remove it by sending us an email with specific information on what the problem is and what rights you are claiming. We see this as a public service in the public domain, and we don't claim ownership over the content ourselves. It is all under a Creative Commons license (link at bottom of all screens) that precludes using this material for commercial purposes.

The administrators of reserve the right to remove unsuitable content at any time.