Fisherman's Wharf East of Telegraph Hill

Unfinished History

The original Fisherman's Wharf was off the Union Street and Filbert Street wharves, east of Telegraph Hill, before being moved to the north shore of San Francisco in the early 20th century.

Photograph of Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, California, ca. 1891 - ca.jpg

Fisherman's Wharf, c. 1891, when it was still off the northwest corner of Telegraph Hill.

Probably the Union Street Wharf, building reads Office of Ethel Marion Old Fisherman's Wharf SF2-32 GGNRA-Wulzen GOGA 18480 July 13 1900 wnp71.10113.jpg

Probably the Union Street Wharf, July 13, 1900.

Photo: wnp71.10113

1910 View West from Union Street Wharf (then Fisherman's Wharf) toward Telegraph Hill in background. Men mending fishing nets, boys posing wnp15.1663.jpg

1910 view west from Union Street Wharf toward Telegraph Hill. At the time this was Fisherman's Wharf, as the men mending fishing nets attests to.

Photo: wnp15.1663