Cyclorama at Tenth and Market

Unfinished History

Long before Dolby and Twitter came to settle on the corner of Tenth and Market Streets, even before the Fox Theater was built across the street, an unusual circular building occupied the southeast corner to Stevenson Alley, originally called the Panorama.


Market and 10th c 1890. This was the entrance to the Panorama Building at 1331 Market Street, built in 1887. It led to a huge circular drum in the rear of the lot where 360 degree paintings of dramatic historical events were on view, the so-called Cyclorama being a precursor to cinema.

Photo:, wnp67.0131

San 2BFrancisco 2B1886-1893 2Bvol. 2B3 2C 2B1889 2C 2BSheet 2B62 a 20 281 29.jpg

This Sanborn insurance map from 1886-1893 depicts the Panorama at the corner of 10th and Market Streets.


By the end of the 1890s, Thomas Varney's Rambler Bicycle Company had taken over the space and converted it to a velodrome and bicycling sport club.

San 2BFrancisco 2B1899-1900 2Bvol. 2B2 2C 2B1899 2C 2BSheet 2B144.jpg

The Rambler Biclorama takes over the former space of the Panorama, 1899.


The full-page ad for the Biclorama, 1899.

Cyclorama two-riding-academies-201.jpg

Two riding academies!

Cyclorama rental-and-storage-area 205.jpg

A hundred years later, this would all be reinvented for the Caltrain station, the Giants ballpark, and other venues.

Cyclorama repair-shop 202.jpg


Red arrow points to ruins of the Biclorama after the 1906 earthquake.

Photo: San Francisco History Room, SF Public Library