Crissy Field restored

Unfinished History

Crissy-Field-lagoon-at-sunset 20180907 192413.jpg

Restored tidal lagoon at sunset, looking northwest towards Golden Gate Bridge, 2018.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


Crissy Field, long filled in and used by the military, is being restored. This photograph shows a slough in 2001.


This 2001 photograph of Crissy Field shows native-plant-covered dunes that have been restored since the changeover to National Park status.

Photos: Chris Carlsson

Crissy-field-dunes-w-ggb 0038.jpg

January 2008: Crissy Field dunes have flourished, growing taller and fully covered by native plants


View of restored Crissy Field marsh from road above Ft. Point.


Pyramid ablaze in sunset light, old airfield and marsh gleaming in foreground at Crissy Field.
Photos: Chris Carlsson


Contrasting to the two 2008 photos preceding it, this 1956 image shows a paved Crissy Field on its right, with an old PG&E gas tank still sitting in the Marina District.

Charles Cushman Collection: Indiana University Archives (P08600)

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