Crissy Field in Presidio Military Base

Unfinished History

In the 2020s Crissy Field is the center of a burgeoning National Park in what was once the Presidio Military Base. Here are a few images documenting its history of military use, for everything from an airfield to barracks.

Crissy Field 1955 opensfhistory wnp27.2912.jpg

Crissy Field in 1955.

Photo: wnp27.2912

Presidio Crissy Field December 1955 opensfhistory wnp25.7013.jpg

Presidio's Crissy Field, December 1955.

Photo: wnp25.7013

Presidio from Lincoln Blvd April 1968 opensfhistory wnp25.1382.jpg

Presidio view from Lincoln Blvd., April 1968 at the height of Vietnam War protests.

Photo: wnp25.1382