Corona Heights

Unfinished History


1886 view southeast from Buena Vista hill. Corona Heights in foreground, Liberty Hill with a smattering of houses on it behind that. The Jewish Cemetery is visible where Dolores Park is today.

Photo: Private collection


Corona Heights seen from the north, 1926.

Photo: Private collection


Corona Heights behind promotional shot for new car, 1920s.

Photo: Private collection

Mom-chasing-kid-w-Corona-Hts-behind 0644 Chuck-Gould.jpg

Mom chasing kid just west of Corona Heights, c. 1966.

Photo: © 1969 Chuck Gould, all rights reserved.


Corona Heights above Eureka Valley, seen here from Diamond and 20th Streets, March 26, 1952.

Charles Cushman Collection: Indiana University Archives (P05903)


Looking north on Diamond Street towards Julia Randall Museum on Corona Heights, 1965, former quarry site.

Corona-hts-from-20th-and-Diamond-July-26-2009 0739.jpg

Corona Heights above Eureka Valley, from 20th and Diamond Streets, July 26, 2009.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Corona-hts-from-top-of-gold-mine-hill-overlook 0679.jpg

Corona Heights with Buena Vista Park behind it, viewed from the top of the Gold Mine Hill overlook, south to north.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Corona-hts-from-roosevelt-view-point 0892.jpg

Corona Heights from Roosevelt Avenue.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Corona-hts-from-west 0900.jpg

Seen from the west.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Corona-hts-park-from-west-gate 0897.jpg

Seen from the west gate.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

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