Clarion Alley Mural: Solidarity with Iranian Political Prisoners

Unfinished History

"United For Iran" (artists Keyvan Shovir and Shaghayegh Cyrous) painted a mural in Clarion Alley depicting seven women prisoners of conscience held by the Iranian theocratic regime who are/were being held in Iran. Since its original painting in 2019, three of these women have been freed, but the rest remain behind bars, where the mural aptly sits on the alley—behind a sliding metal gate painted gold. This mural also represents a decades-long history of Iranian activist solidarity in San Francisco.

This mural was part of a month long project called "In Honor Of", bringing attention to female prisoners of conscience in Iran. The project started in the beginning of October 2019 with a mural unveiling and celebration in Clarion Alley, and included events such as film screenings and discussions. By the last event, three of the women depicted were released.

Iranian-political-prisoners-mural-in-Clarion-Alley 20200114 105100.jpg

Mural by Keyvan Shovir and Shaghayegh Cyrous painted on the Clarion Alley doors to Community Thrift Store, 2019.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

United-for-Iran 20200114 105114.jpg

Atena-Daemi 20200114 105142.jpg

Atena Daemi

Azita-Rafizadeh 20200114 105154.jpg

Azita Rafizadeh

Nasrin-Sotoudeh 20200114 105148.jpg

Nasrin Sotoudeh

Niloufar-Bayani 20200114 105122.jpg

Niloufar Bayani

Sepideh-Gholian 20200114 105128.jpg

Sepideh Gholian

Shokufe-Yadollahi 20200114 105136.jpg

Shokufe Yadollahi

Zeinab-Jilalian 20200114 105201.jpg

Zeinab Jilalian