Clarion Alley Gallery

Unfinished History

Find out more information on the history of mural creation in Clarion Alley and the formation of the Clarion Alley Mural Project.

Alley-eastbound 3361.jpg

Clarion Alley eastbound, 2008

Alley-westbound 3360.jpg

Clarion Alley westbound, 2008

Two-panels 3351.jpg


Elephants 3369.jpg

Jet-gutierrez-surreal 3373.jpg

Jet Martinez, Lo llevas por dentro, Mission '04

Demoncracy 3339.jpg

Some-had-signs 3359.jpg

Some-were-sneaky 3367.jpg

Some-had-goals 3365.jpg

Photos by Dimitri Loukakos and Chris Carlsson

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