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The many pieces of San Francsico's transportation -- rail, trolley and car (as well as bicycle and the sailor's life) are examined in this section. The top list until the horizontal bar represents the original collection from Shaping San Francisco. There are many more transit links below the bar.


Freeway Plan 1956

Critical Mass

1915 Ride to the Fair

Cable Cars

Trains in the Mission

Peninsula Trains

United Railroads


BART--Bechtel's Baby

BART in the Mission

Sailor's Life

2 Years at Sea

1934 Surface Rail Map

Situationists on the Bus

Against "Fairness" and Fares

South of the Slot


1997 BART Strike

Hidden Class Politics of Transit

1896 Cyclers

1998: Whither Bicycling?

MUNI History

1849 Streets


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