San Francisco 1865-1932: Politics, Power, and Urban Development

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San Francisco 1865-1932: Politics, Power, and Urban Development

by William Issel and Robert W. Cherny

Originally published in 1986 by the University of California. Reposted on with permission of the authors.

Chapter 1: Commercial Village to Coast Metropolis

American Business Arrives in Mexican California
From Village to Metropolis
Politics and the Vigilance Committees

Chapter 2: Business and Economic Development

Economic Capital of the Pacific Slope
Geography of 19th Century San Francisco Business
19th Century Growth of Urban Transit Infrastructure
Interlocking Wealth Clusters Together
Business Elite Consolidates Its Class Power
San Francisco’s Second Generation Business Elite
Transit, Agriculture, and Business Grow in Interwar Years

Chapter 3: Life and Work

Life and Work: Who Did What at the Turn of the 20th Century?
Eastern SOMA Early 20th Century
Mission Life in Early 20th Century
Western Addition Early 20th Century Life and Work
Nob Hill and Pacific Heights at Turn of 20th Century
Chinatown Life at Turn of 20th Century
Little Italy in Early 20th Century
Downtown Scenes Early 20th Century
Class Mobility and New Neighborhoods in Early 20th Century

Chapter 4: Unions and Employers

Unions and Employers 1880s-1890s
Union and Employers: 1901 to 1919
Union and Employers: 1919 to the Mid-1930s

Chapter 5: Culture and the Moral Order

Culture and Moral Order at the Turn of the 20th Century
Public Schools in 19th Century San Francisco
Anti-Vice Campaigns in Early 20th Century San Francisco
Civic Beautification
Museums and Public Art at the Turn of the 20th Century

Chapter 6: Politics in the Expanding City, 1865-1893

Game of Politics
Politics of Business
Workingmen’s Party of California
Christopher Buckley and the Politics of Urban Growth
Politics in the Early 1890s

Chapter 7: Progressive Politics: 1893-1911

Progressive Municipal Reform 1890-1900
Decade of Political Conflict 1901-1911

Chapter 8: Politics During the Reign of Rolph, 1911-1932

The Reign of Rolph, 1911-1932
Mayor Rolph and the Panama-Pacific International Exposition
Mayor Rolph and the New Civic Center
Mayor Rolph and the Municipal Railway
Mayor Rolph and the Hetch Hetchy Project
A Republican City
San Francisco City Charters 1916-1932

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