Unfinished History


Caltrain, the publicly maintained commuter rail from San Jose to San Francisco, rolls south near the 22nd St. station.
Photo: Chris Carlsson


The 4th & Townsend Caltrain terminal, as it looked until its late 1990s makeover. (A block away at 3rd, there once stood a beautiful Spanish Mission style station, in the days when steaming locomotives brought thousands into the city every day.) Note too, the stump of Interstate-280 that dead-ended at 4th Street in the background of this photo.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Caltrain-station-2013 4197.jpg

The Caltrain terminal in 2013, still an unimpressive concrete block, albeit with new signs and significantly new surroundings!

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Transit1$caltrains$station itm$sp-station-1935.jpg

3rd & Townsend, c. 1935, Southern Pacific railroad depot
Photo: Greg Gaar Collection, San Francisco, CA

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