Bernal Heights to Billy Goat Hill Walking Tour

Walking Tour

by Chris Carlsson

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This is approximately the route of the walking tour presented below on the map.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


The Board of Supervisors established Precita Park in 1894 at the foot of the north slope of Bernal Heights. One supervisor fought for it because other districts had plentiful and spacious "pleasure grounds," and the south end of the city had almost nothing. It was an early example of the neighborhood fighting to keep open space and to preserve rural character. The view east from the Folsom Street in 1896 of what was Precita Place shows the tree stakes for the original planting of Blackwood acacias. It was dedicated as Bernal Park, and the name was not officially changed until 1973.

Photo/caption: Bernal Heights History Project

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Photos: Chris Carlsson

This is a fantastic view-rich walk on July 9, 2005 from Precita Park, up Peralta Stairs, down Joy Stairs, over the summit of Bernal Heights, down the Esmeralda Stairs, down the Kingston Stairs, then popping out on Laidley Street, down Laidley past some great architecture to the Harry Steps, up them to Beacon Street, on to Billy Goat Hill for views and kids swinging on the big Eucalpytus, then up Castro street and Stairs to the summit at Duncan where there's a bit of open space, down the hill and stairs to gardens at Castro and Newburg and 27th Streets. Photos by Chris Carlsson.

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