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San Francisco in 1855

The Gold Rush period in San Franciso witnessed major changes in the city, some of which were documented in the "Annals of San Francisco," published in 1855. These are excerpts from that book.

GOLD RUSH 1848 Gold Rush 1848

LODGING 1849 Lodging 1849

CITY CONDITIONS 1849 Conditions 1849

Conversion of Indians at the End of the 18th Century Indian Conversion

The Inferior Races "Inferior" Races

POPULATION 1849 Population 1849

POST OFFICE 1849 Post Office 1849

Employment of People 1849 Work 1849

State of Streets 1849 Streets 1849

Electric Money— California's First Telegraph Telegram 1849

Conditions 1850 Condition 1850

Monetary Crisis 1850 and Oversupply Crisis of 1851 Monetary Crisis 1850

The Hounds 1849 Hounds 1849

Condition of the City 1851 Conditions 1851

Morals in 1852 Morals 1852

Duels in 1852 Duels 1852

Chinese Immigration in 1852 Chinese Immigration 1852

Foreign Population in 1853 Foreigners 1853

Squatting in 1853 Squatting 1853

Spanish Races 1853 Spanish Races

French Inhabitants 1853 French

COMMERCIAL DEPRESSION 1854 Financial Crisis 1854

POPULATION 1848 Population 1848

The Annals of San Francisco Introduction

Deaths and Burials Deaths and Burials

The Jenny Lind Swindle, 1852 Jenny Lind Theatre

Birth of SF Menu Birth of the City

Early Social Statistics on San Francisco City Makeup in the 1840s

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