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Alexander Books Closes: Revision history

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16 January 2024

  • curprev 22:2822:28, 16 January 2024Ccarlsson talk contribs 8,429 bytes +8,429 Created page with "'''<font face = Papyrus> <font color = maroon> <font size = 4>I was there. . .</font></font> </font>''' ''by Teresa Moore, originally published in the ''San Francisco Examiner'', April 26, 2023'' Image:Alexander-interior 20230428 213442339.MP.jpg '''The last day at Alexander Books at 50 2nd Street, just south of Market Street, April 28, 2023.''' ''Photo: Chris Carlsson'' San Franciscans know microclimates. Live here long enough and you learn to pack a sweater, s..."