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3D San Francisco

These images can be viewed in 3D with Red/Blue 3D glasses. The Red lens should be worn over the Left Eye.

Emporium Dome 1987 anaglyph.jpg

THE DOME ATOP THE EMPORIUM The Emporium department store had a publicly accessible area on the roof on the western side of the dome. From the top sales floor, one could climb four or five steps to a door that opened onto an open area that was carpeted with green astro-turf. For many years Santa Claus held court there at Christmas time and there was a ferris wheel and other rides. The Emporium's huge, glass dome was visible at the eastern side of the rooftop space. On the occasions that I was there, the rides had been removed and the space was empty except for some picnic tables and a real cable car that had been hoisted up from Stephenson Alley! You could climb onto the cable car and, I suppose that several generations of Santa's visitors and Emporium employees had their lunches there as I did, on several occasions. I wonder what happened to the cable car?

Stereoscopic Photo: David Thayer


The KEY KLUB "Crossroads of the World" 856 Bush St. February 1987
Stereoscopic Photo: David Thayer


Lynch's Lounge 532 Jones St. March 1985. The sign is still there, but has been painted over and the neon tubing removed.
Stereoscopic Photo: David Thayer


View to Stanyan St. from the Northwest light tower above Kezar Stadium. March 1989.
Stereoscopic Photo: David Thayer


View south across Kezar Stadium to Polytechnic High School. Taken in April 1987 from the North West light tower above the stadium. The central portion of Polytechnic High School would soon be demolished to make way for housing. The two wings on the east and west side of the school, are still standing.


View east across Kezar to the announcers booth. Just visible over the stadium wall at the right, the central portion of Polytechnic High School has been demolished and the construction of housing is underway. Taken in May, 1989.
Stereoscopic Photo: David Thayer

View-from-Kezar-Stadium-Light-Tower-to-downtown-4 87-RB-3D.jpg

Another view east to downtown from the southwest light tower above the old Kezar Stadium. April 1987

Stereoscopic Photo: David Thayer


Fire at the Supreme Court building, Polk St. at McAllister. Taken in October 1983.
Stereoscopic Photo: David Thayer


Another view of the fire at the Supreme Court building on the corner of McAllister and Polk St. October 1983
Stereoscopic Photo: David Thayer


"Bless Its Pointed Little Head"......Jefferson Airplane
Demolishing the Fireman's Insurance Building at 580 California St. at the corner of Kearny. February 1983.
Stereoscopic Photo: David Thayer


Another view of the demolition of the Firemans Insurance Building. Taken from Pine St. looking NE to Kearny and California. The USA Today billboard was advertising a BRAND NEW newspaper!

Stereoscopic Photo: David Thayer


Another view of the demolition of the Fireman's Insurance Building at 580 California St. Taken from the roof of the parking garage, across Kearny St.

Stereoscopic Photo: David Thayer