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m (The last image has been identified as "Further south, approximately Bayshore and Alemany". In fact, this is Bayshore looking north in Visitacion Valley, toward the south end of San Bruno Ave. in SF.)
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''photo: Private Collection, San Francisco,CA''  
''photo: Private Collection, San Francisco,CA''  
'''Further south, the end of San Bruno Avenue, where it curves down to meet Bayshore Boulevard in Visitacion Valley, c. 1926.  The house most at right with the double roofline in the photograph still stands there today.'''
''Photo: Charles Ruiz collection''

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Unfinished History

San Bruno Avenue and Cortland in 1912 and 1915, long before Highway 101 buried this intersection forever.


San Bruno and Cortland Avenues, May 25, 1912

photo: Private Collection, San Francisco, CA


San Bruno and Cortland Avenues, March 4, 1915

photo: Private Collection, San Francisco,CA

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