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Hunter's Point PG&E Power Plant Before and After

Unfinished History


The PG&E Hunter's Point power plant, finally shut down after years of community pressure, on the shoreline in 2007 prior to its deconstruction.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Across-India-Basin-at-demolished-pge-plant-and-downtown 7734.jpg

March 2009, after demolition of PG&E power plant, the view across India Basin north towards Herons Head Park and downtown in distance too.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


PG&E Hunter's Point power plant in the 1990s.

photo: Chris Carlsson


PG&E Hunter's Point power plant as it is being torn down, c. 2009.

Photo: Alex Lantsberg


Demolition underway at PG&E Hunter's Point power plant.

Photo: Alex Lantsberg


Interior of closed PG&E plant before demolition.

Photo: Alex Lantsberg


Part of an ongoing deindustrialization of San Francisco, this PG&E plant had been one of the City's biggest air polluters. Neighborhood campaigning forced its closure and demolition.

Photo: Alex Lantsberg


Picturesque ruins.

Photo: Alex Lantsberg


The end.

Photo: Alex Lantsberg

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