Golden Gate Park Lakes

Unfinished History

1910 Willard Worden inter-dune-pond.jpg

This c. 1910 photo by Willard Worden shows an inter-dune pond in the future Sunset District. Before Golden Gate Park was developed, 14 native inter-dune lakes existed within the park's 1,013 acres. All of the native lakes were filled except the Chain of Lakes, and manmade bodies of water replaced the natural lakes.

Photo: Private Collection, San Francisco, CA

Chain-of-lakes 4592.jpg

Chain of Lakes near western end of Golden Gate Park, 2014.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Spreckels-Lake 4565.jpg

Spreckels Lake, home to the S.F. Model Yacht Club, 2014.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Elk-glen-lake 4543.jpg

Elk Glen Lake, 2014.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

1893-bridge-on-Stow-Lake-to-Strawberry-Hill-island 4515.jpg

1893 bridge crossing Stow Lake to Strawberry Hill, 2014.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Stow-lake-w-birds 4500.jpg

Stow Lake provides sanctuary to many different birds.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Stow-lake 4506.jpg

Stow Lake, 2014.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


Mallard Lake, with its namesake inhabitants.

Photos: Chris Carlsson

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