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There are four ways to explore the articles in FoundSF. You can use the search bar at the right to look for terms of interest, click on the "Random Page" link at right to jump to a surprise article, check out the Categories to search by topic, or explore the themed collections featuring grouped articles of interest.

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We also invite you to contribute your own articles and help us with the ongoing project to improve the historical content on FoundSF. There are four types of articles in FoundSF: historical essays, primary sources, "I was there" accounts, and unfinished history. The essays, primary sources, and "I was there" accounts are all locked for editing. If you would like to contribute a primary material, we want to protect that story or source from community changes. However, if you are writing an article about a historic event and are open to community collaboration, we encourage you to create an "unfinished history" to which anyone can contribute.

You can also edit any unfinished history that already exists on FoundSF. To do so, you will need to create an account. You can find out more about how to contribute your own article and edit others in this help section.

If you would like to recommend a topic for a Themed Collection, ask a question about San Francisco history, or comment on this project, please email us!